European Manufacturers for Kerosene-burners

In the first half of the 19th century, lamp smiths of Paris were worldwide famous. Later, most improvements in lighting techniques for kerosene originated in other parts of Europe: Germany (Berlin, Ruhr...), Great Britain (Birmingham...), Belgium (Herstal near Liege) and Austria (Vienna).

Most manufacturers can be identified after their logos found on the wick-winder knobs. We introduce here the most important companies. This collection of images was only possible with the help of Dr. Werner Touché, Dr. Ralph Schoeneborn and Werner Pempel. Thankful acknowledgments to all.


Wild & Wessel, Berlin.
Wild & Wessel, Berlin (frontside)Wild & Wessel, Berlin (backside)
Inventors of the Kosmos-burner, and major manufacturers of lamps, burners and glass parts in their own premises. The ship's cord-logo can be found on the rear of the wick-knob.

Hugo Schneider, Leipzig also known as HASAG

Hugo Schneider, Leipzig, D.Hugo Schneider, Leipzig, D.

After W&W went out of business in 1903, Hugo Schneider took the tooling over and made the same burners with the W&W-marking parallel to their own range of burners and lamps.

Carl Holy, Berlin makers of.famous Odin and Wizard-burners.

Carl Holy, BerlinCarl Holy, Berlin Brökelmann, Jaeger & Busse, Neheim Brökelmann, Jaeger & Busse, NeheimBrökelmann, Jaeger & Busse, Neheim
Schwintzer & Gräff, Berlin
Schwintzer & Gräff, Berlin
Schwintzer & Gräff, Berlin Ehrich & Graetz, Berlin
Ehrich & Graetz, Berlin
Ehrich & Graetz, BerlinEhrich & Graetz, Berlin
Schuster & Baer, Berlin
SB-logo on the rear of the wick-knob.
Schuster & Baer, Berlin (frontside)Schuster & Baer, Berlin (backside) Thiel & Bardenheuer, Ruhla

Major manufacturer of tiny burners for miniature-lamps.

Thiel & Bardenheuer, Ruhla, D.
Otto Müller, Berlin.
 Otto Müller, Berlin
Otto Müller, BerlinO. Müller, Berlin Arlt & Fricke, Berlin Arlt & Fricke, Berlin
Bünte & Remmler, Frankfurt Bünte & Remmler, Frankfurt W.J. Hecht, Berlin W. J. Hecht, Berlin
C.F. Kindermann & Co, Berlin

Specialized on darkroom-lamps.

C. F. Kindermann & C°, Berlin J. Hirschhorn, Berlin J. Hirschhorn, Berlin
E. Klöpfel & Sons, Erfurt E. Klöpfel, Erfurt, D. Carl Rakenius, Hamburg Carl Rakenius, Hamburg, D.
Kaestner & Toebelmann, Erfurt
Kaestner & Toebelmann, Erfurt, D.Kaestner & Toebelmann, Erfurt, D.
Kaestner & Toebelmann, Erfurt, D.Kaestner & Toebelmann, Erfurt, D.
C.A. Kleemann, Erfurt C. A. Kleemann, Erfurt, D.
Fr. Stübgen & Co, Erfurt Fr. Stübgen, Erfurt, D.
Jean Stadelmann, Nürnberg
Jean Stadelmann, Nürnberg


Societe Industrielle d'Articles d'Eclairage

(UNIS-FRANCE is a quality-label)

Société Industrielle d'Articles d'Eclairage, ParisSociété Industrielle d'Articles d'Eclairage, Paris Lacroix & Ferrary,
La Maladrerie pres Caen
Lacroix & Ferrary, La Maladrerie près Caen, Fr.Lacroix & Ferrary, La Maladrerie près Caen, Fr.
Leon Luchaire, Paris Jean Ristelhueber Jean Ristelhueber, Paris
Maris & Besnard, Paris Maris & Besnard, Paris Gardon, Macon Gardon, Mâcon, Fr.
Ch. Pigeon, Paris
Ch. Pigeon, Paris
Ch. Pigeon, Paris A&P Gaudard
in Morbier (Jura, France) still today manufacturers lamps and burners.
A. & P. Gaudard, Morbier, Fr.
A. & P. Gaudard, Morbier, Fr.A. & P. Gaudard, Morbier, Fr.

R. V. French retailer of imported German and English burners. Undetermined.

R. V. Bordeaux

A. Robert, Paris
merchant selling burners made by
Wild & Wessel.

A. Robert, Paris
J. Schlossmacher, Paris
Colza-oil lamps and later kerosene-lamps, also on licence by Sépulchre in Liege.
J. Schlossmacher, Paris


R. Ditmar, Vienna

Main Austrian manufacturer for burners, lamps, ceramic goods and glassware.

R. Ditmar, Wien, A. Gebr. Brünner, Vienna

Second Austrian manufacturer

Gebr. Brünner, Wien, A.
Ditmar, Gebr. Brünner AG after merger of both companies in 1907. R. Ditmar & Gebr. Brünner, Wien, A.    
Lempereur & Bernard, Liege Lempereur & Bernard, Herstal, B. Louis Sépulchre, Liege Louis Sépulchre, Herstal, B
Great-Britain and USA
James Hinks & Son, Birmingham, GB James Hinks & Son, Birmingham Aladdin Industries Aladdin Industries
Falk, Stadelmann & C° also known as "Veritas"
Manufacturer and also trade company selling products imported from different countries. The rear of some wick-knobs features the logo of the actual maker.
Veritas (Falk, Stadelmann & C°)

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