Interesting Lighting Links

Gas heritage in Europe : Afegaz - Copagaz

Patrimoine gazier en Europe : Afegaz - Copagaz.

Musée des Eclairages Anciens de Liège

Early Lighting : the Rushlight Club.

Woody Kirkman's store for lanterns and parts of all sorts for oil-lighting

Christopher Sugg, grandson of William Sugg, tells us on his web-site the History of the company and introduces the different appliances produced by this outstanding undertaking :  William Sugg History. See also the web-site of the current manufacturer for gas- and electric lights Sugg Lighting

Lampes Pigeon : French gasoline lamps

   Histoire de l'éclairage (blog) : par / by Jean-Yves

Stuga-Cabana: campers' gear, pressure-lamps

Historical Lighting Society of Canada

The Aladdin Knights

Historic Lighting Club, founded in 1989 as a forum for the exchange of information and research into all aspects of early lighting.

Visseaux : A family with an ancestor in the lighting-business.

Jean-Pierre Parisot, interesting non-electric lamps.

Wim van der Velden: pressure- and incandescent lamps, lighting patents.

Werner Pempel's richly illustrated Website with lots of beautiful lamps and a special page for wick-knob-designs.

Classic Pressure Lamps, a very active forum

Terry Marsh's lantern gallery

If you want to discover the world of lighting and the lighting of the world before modern times, you should go to the site of the International Lychnological Association.

Want to go electric? Here's a fabulous site dedicated to old bulbs and accessories. Kilokat's antique light bulb site

Miles Stair's on-line shop for rare to very-rare best quality wicks and other parts.

Outstanding slag-glass and Tiffany-style repairs: Len Daley

[Some current manufacturers of non-electric lighting devices in Europe].

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