We were a handful of collectors and professionals as we created AFEGAZ in 1991. Our objectives are to promote the search for and conservation of gas production, appliance and distribution equipment of historical interest, especially lighting, as well as to encourage the development of new technologies aiming at boosting gas usage.

To this end, we save and preserve all types of gas equipment; this shall be ensured by a system of mutual aid between collectors; conserve rare equipment, especially lighting and documents dealing with the history of gas; exchange or loan the equipment and documents for exhibitions;   share the heritage of the gas industry and spread available information; promote modern applications of gas.

As of June 2023, we merged with COPAGAZ, another club with similar^purposes

Bec à l'albo-carbon

Albo-Carbon burner, patented in the 1870's on an idea that dates back to the 1830's.


We are happy to own some rare devices, to have some opportunities to show them and to explain people, especially the younger, how these were used, why they were invented and which influence they had on our way of life.      

Welsbach-burner by Privat-Livemont

Le bec Auer (Welsbach-bruner)
by Privat-Livemont.
Coll. ENEREST / Gaz de Strasourg, S.A.


Gas-organ or "pyrophone".
Coll. Musée historique de Strasbourg

One of our favorite themes is gas  lighting. Some of us collect gas lamps, others  are manufacturers, some others do research about the subject.
Among our more than 200 members, we even have some  museum curators:       




Charlottneburg-type gas-streetlight
Open-air Gaslight Museum, Berlin (Tiergarten)

Streetlight burner from the 1870's,

Lumière de l'oeil, Paris, listed as a
Museum for Old Lighting

Dusseldorf-type streetlight:

Berlin, the Open-air Gas Streetlight Museum (Tiergarten).

Besides those beautiful lights, we also take care of old gas ovens, chocolate stoves, gas heated washing machines, cookers, ironing devices, gas meters and
all types of related documents: posters, catalogues, post cards....

Chocolate Kitchen
Coll.: Gaz de Strasbourg, SA
Cookers, ovens and lighting in the kitchen-area of our exhibition at the Forney-Library in Paris. Fall 2011
Coll. Gaz de Strasbourg and AFEGAZ-ASPEG

  Heating  by gas


Coin-meter for gas....


Gas-iron heater.  Coll. Gaz de Strasbourg, SA


The Wenham-lamp, ca.1880, coll. AFG-AFEGAZ

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Here is our postal address: 7 rue du 19 mars 1962,  92230 Gennevilliers, France

Before you leave, some more sightseeing with gas heritage around Europe:


Gas streetlight collection in a private home in Leiden

Cussigny Cussigny Manor in Burgundy. Gas lit yard
Leuven Belgium: the former Leuven Museum of Gas. Water heaters and other apparatus.
Fulham (London) London: The Fulham gas site. Old gas holder from the 1840's.
Simmering, Vienna (Austria) Vienna (Austria):
The Simmering Gas Holders
from the 1890's, listed and now converted into a development project with housing, offices, supermarkets, cultural facilities and an Underground link to downtown Vienna.

Thanks for your visit and please come to one of our listed sites and exhibitions.

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