Gallery of lamps

by Monsieur Ara

Please find here a virtual tour of my shop featuring an unusual small
Museum dedicated to old lighting devices of the 19th century.


(see practical informations). Have a nice visit!

Displayed in the museum, but also for sale:
gas lamps from the very beginnings
to our days:

Bat's wing, Argand, Welsbach,
simple or multiple inverted burners...

Gas lamp collection


Oil-lamp collection Displayed in the museum, but also for sale:

kerosene burners of all types, mainly European. 

Flat wick, folded flat wick, central or side draft, with flame spreader: Kosmos, Matador, Wizard, Odin, Sebastian, Vulcan, Ditmar sunburner, Duplex....



Triple overlay chrystal

Arts & Crafts electric

Red pillar   

Reading-lamp, early 20th C

Triple-layer overlay crystal kerosene-lamp from Northern France.

Electric table-lamp in the spirit of the Arts & Crafts-movement, before 1900. Brass, copper, vaseline-glass. Late 19th C. pillar-lamp with its original Duplex-burner and etchd glass shade. Student lamp for kerosene, anonymous.


General Electric electrolier German kerosene-lamp

Art Nouveau electrolier by the
General Electric Company.

Unusual German krosene-lamp with its original burner.

Outstanding pair of Ottoman oil-lamps (click here for more info)

Electric Art Nouveau

Student lamp


German electric lamp in spelter, hand painted dome shade. Early 20th C. French electric student lamp. Bronze with cased opal glass shade.
Late 19th C. to the 1930s.
Electric rise-and-fall pendant, first half of the 20th C. French.

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